Want Glowing Skin? Eat More Fibre.

A Traditional Chinese Doctor once described me as an engine with a blocked exhaust pipe.  He said that all the ‘heat’ (TCM term), waste ‘fuel’ and toxins had nowhere to go, causing the radiator to explode.  Whilst his statement may not have been mechanically accurate, it made total sense to me.   Excuse the over share, but I used to ‘go’ a pathetic once every three days.  My body was trying to deal with a build up of waste from 9+ meals; with one road closed, an alternative route needed to be used.

Our digestive system and our skin have something in common; they are both designed to assist our body’s natural detox process.  When your digestive system isn’t functioning optimally (whether that’s because your constipated or overloading it with rubbish food), it will be left to the skin to free your body of excess toxins.  If your skin is constantly dealing with said excess of toxins, it can become inflamed, cause blockages and build-ups, resulting in a multitude of skin complaints.

Eating a daily dose of fibre (RDA approx. 30g per day) and drinking enough water with it keeps you regular, therefore allowing your digestive system’s detox process to work like a well oiled machine.  Frequent and regular bowel movements allow your body to eliminate the toxins and waste from the food you eat in the most efficient and timely way possible.

If you are prone to dull skin, break-outs, rashes, eczema, acne, or just want that healthy ‘glow’ try eating more of the below foods;

All fruit and vegetables
Psyllium husks
Quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth
Oats, brown rice

Always make sure you drink enough water, especially when you up your fibre intake.  If you’ve ever eaten a dry Weetabix or Jacob’s cracker, you can imagine what too much fibre and not enough liquid does to your digestive system.