This Is The Best Thing You Will Ever Do For Your Health…

 Image via  Healthy Way

Image via Healthy Way

As someone who is involved in the wellness world, people often ask me things like; why they’re constantly hungry, or why they can’t get up in the mornings, or why they can’t find the motivation to exercise.  I tend to get caught up trying to give the most correct and detailed answer possible; usually referring to Google to check what I’m about to say is well founded.  But then I stop and remember to say:

- Listen to your body. 
- What is it telling you?
- What can you do about it?

When it comes to health, the world we live in is very science led and fact based.  Whilst that most certainly has its place, on the flip side, it has caused us to become disconnected with our own bodies, relying on a third party to tell us what’s what.  How many times have you heard about the person who didn’t realise they were seriously ill until, during a regular check up, the doctor found something.  Following their diagnosis, they usually reel off a list of times when they felt ‘off’, but ignored or forgot about them. 

Learning to listen to your body and taking action there and then, based on what it’s trying to tell you are fundamental to leading healthy life.  Your best doctor is you.  Or at least, you have the potential to be.  Reinstall what should be second nature; and the next time you feel ‘off, ask yourself:

- What is my body trying to tell me?
- What can I do about it?

It really will be the best thing you ever do for your health.