August Favourites


Indigo Nutrition Raw Cacao
It took me a long while to find a good cacao powder.  I used to choose the cheaper ‘cacao’, until I discovered that what I was buying was being called cacao - meaning raw cocoa - when it in fact wasn’t (marketing at its worst).  This one really is raw, meaning it retains all of its health benefits, it tastes great and packs an energy punch.  I also like that Indigo Nutrition are UK based.  You can read more about the difference in cacao and cocoa here.

Arctic Power Berries
I love berry powders; on top of porridge, sprinkled on homemade chocolate and in gummies.  I first tried Arctic Power Berries last winter.  I hate frozen blueberries as I find the skins super tough and am not keen on buying out of season, so these little tubs sorted me right out.  They sell a small but perfectly formed range, which includes Sea Buckthorn; a great skin food and super sour, just the way I like it.

Essence + Alchemy Atmosphere Mist
I’m a little addicted to whatever Lesley from Essence + Alchemy creates.  First her candles, then the large bottles of atmosphere mist, and now these small ones, which I use as perfume.  I had to give up using perfume when my eczema was bad, and now choose not to use it as it’s so full of crap.  Imagine my delight when this little bottle turned up on my doorstep; this one smells floral but not in a sweet or sickly way.  More botanical I’d say.

Aduna – Baobab & Moringa
If you’ve never come across Aduna before, you should check out their website.  They are super fair trade and doing great things for the rural African producers from whom they buy their product.  They are raising awareness and creating demand for the products which these small-scale farmers provide with their #makebaobabfamous campaign.  On top of that, their stuff is good.  I prefer Moringa to Spurilina as it has a less dominating taste but retains all of the health benefits.  Their Baobab is great too and adds a citrusy, sherbety zing to and recipe.

Linwoods Flax
The main reason I add flax to my smoothies, etc., is to keep my digestion regular.  I find it works best above anything else and is so easy to use.  It’s is also a great source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids (read great hair, skin and nails) and can be used as an egg replacer in vegan baking.   This one is already ground, meaning that you don’t need to be blitzing linseeds every morning before you make your smoothie (flaxseed and linseed are the same thing).  Be sure to keep it sealed in a dark, cool cupboard, to avoid it going rancid.  In the freezer is even better.