My Kind Of Detox

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Have you ever taken a moment to think about all the sh*t in the air that surrounds us? If not, then don’t.  It’ll freak you out.  Unfortunately, unless you live high up a mountain somewhere, the quality of air around you is fairly out of your control… but not entirely.  I’m talking about what we use in our homes, in our gardens and on our bodies.  I recently read that, on average, women put over 150 chemicals on their bodies A DAY. Just on their bodies.  I don’t think it’s much different for a lot of men out there, either.  Add that to the chemicals used in the home, the garden and car and you’ve got yourself a lesson on the periodic table.   So what can you do about it?

The number of natural, plant based, organic, ethical, animal friendly, etc., etc. products on the market has skyrocketed in recent years.  I think we’ve all been brainwashed into thinking that chemicals work best when it comes to bacteria, stains and hygiene, but it’s just not that true.  I began to replace the chemicals used in my home (and on my body) when my skin went into meltdown.  I honestly haven’t looked back.   Here are my favourite parts of using natural products around the home:

-        They smell natural.  Not synthetic.
-        It’s not a problem if they get on my skin.
-        They’re better for the environment.
-        They’re better for your health.
-        They’re better for your gut health.  Surprised?!  Chemicals designed to kill 99.9% of all bacteria on your kitchen surface also kill 99.9% of all bacteria… guess where?

I’m having fun with setting challenges lately, so my challenge to you this week is to replace one of the synthetic & toxic products you use in your home with a natural alternative.  Hence DETOX!

Let me know how you get on!