My Summer Reading List

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I think I might be Amazon’s most frequent customer; I have an addiction to buying books - especially cookbooks - and have my nose buried in one most days.  Even in this digital world, I find them to be my biggest source of inspiration, in all aspects of life.  I’ve been banging on about a few books in particular to friends and family of late and it’s time I shared them with you, too. 

I’d love to hear about your favourite reads; please feel free to share in the comments below.

Escape Routes – Matt Carroll
There’s just something about the British summer (when it behaves) that makes me want to get on a bike, picnic in rucksack and spend the day cycling about in the countryside.   We could all benefit from getting outside and into nature more and this is book is the perfect way to plan for it.

Brain Maker – Dr David Perlmutter
This book has literally blown my mind.  I am a gut health geek and have learned so much from reading this book.  It provides a great overview of general gut health, but talks more specifically about the relationship between your gut and your brain… you will really be astounded by what you read.

The Art of Fermentation – Sandor Katz
The Art of fermentation is the bible for anyone interested in fermenting foods at home, teaching everything from techniques, to recipes, to history, to tips and tricks.  When I say bible, I mean it.  The book is HUGE!  It’s definitely a slow burner and one that I know I’ll refer to for the rest of my days.

Crazy Sexy Juice – Kris Carr
A great (and realistic) mix of smoothies, juices and plant-based milks.  I love that Kris has noted the nutritional benefits of each recipe, driving home that food really is medicine.

Eat Right – Nick Barnard
Eat Right explores ancient eating principles and brings them to the table of today.  I love Nick’s concept of preparing food in the way it used to be prepared (which better prepares it for our bodies, too).  He keeps it simple and delicious.   There’s a healthy dose of fermented foods in there, too… my favourite bit!