3 Fabulous Healthy Eateries in Barcelona

This time last week I had just returned from a fabulous few days in Barcelona.  The last time I was there was about 7 years ago and my-oh-my has it changed… or maybe I have.  Last time, I remember being surrounded by shops and café’s selling sweaty ham and cheese rolls and below-par tapas.  Now whilst there are still some of those about, to my delight, so were a big handful of healthy, nutritious, alive-and-kicking eateries.  At almost every corner I was met with one.  Had I known just how good they were, I would’ve extended my stay and toured them all.  Oh well, just another excuse to go back.

The three places I did manage to visit have been listed below.  They were of extremely high standard; the interiors were Pinterest worthy, staff friendly and food offerings exceptional.  I would highly recommend a visit if/when you find yourself in Barcelona and would love to know of your recommendations for my next trip back.

Teresa’s Juicery – Owned by Teresa Carles, who is, by all accounts, something of a healthy food café genius.  She has quite a few places in Barcelona, each offering something slightly different.  The selection of cold pressed juices in this place was vast.  They were delicious and I walked out armed with a bag of them.

 Flax & Kale -  Image via WELLTODO

Flax & Kale - Image via WELLTODO


Flax & Kale – You guessed it… this is another one of Teresa’s places (I’m not working on commission, promise… but probably should be.)  This place is huge and spans over two floors, has a roof kitchen garden and outdoor seating.  Of course, it’s beautifully designed inside.  You can take away or eat in.  I had a delicious kale salad (funny, that) with many trimmings.  I would love to eat in next time.

 Green & Berry -  Image via DolceCity

Green & Berry - Image via DolceCity


Green & Berry – A smaller affair than Flax & Kale.  Great vegan sweet treats.  A delicious selection of juices and smoothies and super friendly staff.  I tried a lovely beetroot hummus and carrot take-away snack.  I had food envy watching all the food being delivered to the tables and would like to eat in next time.   Staying only around the corner, I was that weekend’s regular.  Proud to be.

I'd love to know... What are your favourite healthy eateries in Beautiful Barcelona?  It’s just been added to my long list of places I want to live (this happens every time I visit somewhere new) so I may need to call on you.  Ha!