3 Things You Might Not Know About Digestion, Chickens and Silk

I used to work for a company that would circulate a weekly email of a few things a nominated person wanted to share that week.  A bit like show and tell and I looked forward to it each week.  I suppose it’s kind of what social media is used for nowadays,but what if you learn/hear about something that doesn’t come equipped with a ‘share’ button?  Or that’s so random you feel weird ‘posting’ it.  Where does it go?

There's always room for a bit of fun, so I’d like to try a 'show and tell' out on here.  Of things about health and the planet and the human body and the things that surround us and...   What do you think?  Like the idea?

Three things I’d like to share this week…

1. Lying or sleeping on your left side aids digestion.  In this position, gravity works with the direction that food waste travels in (from your large intestine to descending colon).  I’ve tried and tested this one and can report that it absolutely helps!

2. Firstly, chickens have ear lobes!!!  Who knew?!  Not only that but there is a correlation between the colour of a hens earlobes and the colour of her eggs.  How cool is that!


3. Pure silk is naturally hypo-allergenic.  Bonus 1.  Bonus 2 - the tightly woven, smooth fibres of silk help keep moisture close to the skin whilst still providing breathability.  If you sleep on a silk pillow and/or wear a silk eye mask, the skin on your face will retain more moisture throughout the night, keeping it hydrated and will therefore reduce the appearance of fine lines… a.k.a. WRINKLES!

I’m a sucker for tidbits of knowledge.  If you have something to share that hasn’t made it onto social media, or that you think is so good, you want to share it again, please pop it in an email or post a comment below and I’ll include it in the next post!