Doing it All is the Worst Idea I Ever Had



Trying to do it all.  It’s something we’re all guilty of in one way or another.  Whether it’s writing a to-do list two times longer than is manageable or beating ourselves up when we don’t live every part of the ‘healthy lifestyles’ we see on Instagram. 

I have a huge tendency to pile things on my plate.  When I’m overloaded I retract into myself and on the outside look as if I’m calm and coping.  I’m probably not.  I’m just waiting until it’s all over and I can breathe again.

I used to feel that I wasn’t worthy of being titled ‘healthy ‘if I didn’t make my own almond milk (wtf?!), which by the way, I’ve only done about three times.  I also buy pre-made hummus more often than not and I’ve only recently started making my own nut butter.  Yes, I know how to make these things from scratch and they do taste great, I just don’t always have the time, space or energy.

I love the fact that I am creative but it also means that I leave a door open in my head which says I need to be good at being creative.  Whatever that means.  I put pressure on myself to 'just know' how to craft and draw and paint.

I can go a week, sometimes longer, without exercising, even when I know how much I love it and how good it will make me feel.  My excuse being that I don’t have enough time, when really I know it’s because I haven’t made the time (probably because I’ve been shamed into making almond milk).

The point I’m trying to make is that I’m only human and so are you.

We can’t do it all.  Not forever, anyway.  Try to be selective about what you truly care about and stop worrying about everything else.  I would rather work out than make almond milk, for example.

Inspired by my current read – The Life changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck, I have decided to stop trying to do it all.  I have made a *current list of the things I want to do and those I don't really care enough about to continue doing. 

Here's a small example of my list...

I’d like to continue or pay more attention to…
- Fermenting veggies and making my own probiotic rich foods and drinks
- Making my own nut butter
- Yoga
- Crossfit
- Oil pulling
- Dry body brushing
- Home cooking.  I love it and it relaxes me.
- Eating nutritious foods

I’d like to stop worrying about…
- Making nut milk
- Taking too many lazy weekends (sometimes they are absolutely needed)
- Doing it all – I need to learn to ask for help
- Photos of myself on my website and social media.  Particularly selfies. I've tried and hate doing it. Maybe I'll get over this one!

What are some things that you do that you're ready to stop doing? What are some things that you love doing and are happy to devote time to?

*It’s just as easy to bind yourself by your own rules, as it is someone else’s.  Allow this list to change with you as your grow…