Change the Way You Feel with this 60-Second Body Scan

How often do you feel totally out of your depth when it comes to your health?  Do you find yourself bloated, complaining of frequent headaches, unable to concentrate, lacking in energy and with your hand constantly in the biscuit jar without any idea of why?  It's no wonder.

Work, eat, sleep and repeat.  Where in your day do you take a moment to check in with yourself?  Self care is so important and yet it's something that most of us fail to do on a daily basis.  'I don't have time now, I'll do it after work', 'I've got to pick the kids up from school, do homework and then put the tea on, I'll do it tomorrow'.  Just about everything takes priority over self care... maybe it's something we should move to the top of the list.

How are you?  It’s the question we ask before beginning conversation with another person.  Shouldn't we be asking it to ourselves, too?  Your body and mind has its own way of communicating with you.  It's constantly trying to start conversation but is more often than not put on hold to be dealt with at another time.   Look at self care as putting on your oxygen mask first, make it a priority.  Take time to listen to your body and mind.  Engage in that conversation.  Start by asking how it is.

"Listen to your body when it whispers and you won't have to hear it scream"


- Find somewhere to sit/stand/lay that you won’t be interrupted by your kids, colleagues, phone etc. – the bathroom or toilet cubicle at work is a great place.
- Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths.
- Starting at the top of your head, work your way down though your body, taking note of anything that crops up.  It might go a bit like this…


What do you think is going on with our curly haired friend?  His 60-second body scan paints a picture of stress, anxiety and overload.


Now that you've taken the time to listen to your body and garnered some information, see if there's any way you can bring about positive change.  Like this...

A quick 60-seconds each day is all it takes to check in with your body and listen to what it’s got to say.   Work at it.  Build it into your daily routine.  Then do something with what you learn.  You'll be surprised how making one small change like this can bring about many positive changes to your well being.