Start Over September

September, for me, is a chance to start over.  It’s the beginning of a new season, which brings about change in the way I do things: my breakfast becomes warming porridges rather than cooling juices and smoothies.  I eat more comforting meals such as spiced soups and stews in different shades of yellow, orange and red.   I take my winter clothes out of their vacuum bags and put my summer ones in them, getting rid of anything that no longer brings me joy.   I cull followings on social media and newsletters subscribed to.  I get done the little tasks that have been hanging around on my to do list.  I tighten the slack on my movement and exercise regimen that may have crept in during the past months and re-evaluate my food and diet.  I use the opportunity of this season change as a chance to re-organise and coordinate, weeding out anything that no longer serves a purpose and clogs up my life in tray, and also to implement anything that I have been wanting/meaning to do.

I am a great believer in prevention over cure.  Winter didn’t used to bother me at all but over the past few years, I have really noticed it affecting my mood.  When the hours of sunlight are limited and the weather is cold and miserable, sometimes all I want to do is hibernate.  After a few days of feeling like this I start to feel like I’m missing all the lovely parts of autumn and winter, the parts that I want to enjoy: the fresh, crisp air, spending time with family and friends at Christmas, cosy nights in, log fires, walks in the woods all wrapped up, new foods and flavours and the rainbow of colours in the trees.  

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I have learnt to expect the need to hibernate, followed by the pit I can find myself in if I allow it to go on for too long.  Clearing the decks in September is my way of preparing for those times.  If I minimise my life baggage, then removing myself from the sofa isn’t such a hard task.  I only have to think about that one thing, rather than that one thing, plus the fact my chest of drawers is erupting with unfolded summer clothes, the increasing number of junk emails in my inbox and that I haven’t exercised in weeks.  Starting the autumn/winter on a positive note allows me to feel a little more on top of things.

My September mine sweep has reached Fodder + Plonk too!  You may have noticed that it’s sporting a new look… I have been working with friend, Graphic Designer and all round creative genius, Sarah Waites of The Bungaloo, who has created a new brand image for Fodder + Plonk, which I’m super duper happy with.  The old logo was no longer in line with where F+P is headed and it was time for a change.  It has been injected with a new energy, which reflects the exciting things to come.

Do you have any September rituals?  If so, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below…