Top 5 - Food/Health Documentaries that Changed My Life

It may seem a little OTT to say that watching these documentaries changed my life, but it’s the truth.  If you ever want inspiration for beginning or maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, aside from watching a Beyoncé music video, then in my opinion, food documentaries are the way to go.  There are plenty available to watch but the ones I find most inspiring are beginning to ‘goal reached’ journeys.  I’m a sucker for them.  They show the struggles, the victories, the highs and the lows, but most importantly, they show how grit and determination (plus eating real food and living well) can turn your life around. 

I need a kick up the butt sometimes; I become complacent, even though I know deep down that I may be eating too many treats, not sleeping so well or maybe just feeling a little too lethargic.  I can continue like this for a week or before I take a good look at myself and know that something has to change.  This is where a documentary comes in handy.


This was the first one I watched.  I think I was feeling ill, wrapped up on the sofa and it happened to be on TV… the perfect target audience!   You’ve probably heard of it and maybe watched it.  It shows Joe Cross (from Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 1) help Phil Staples, a truck driver he meets in Part 1, loose an extortionate amount of weight, regain control over his health, drastically change his lifestyle, rid himself of psoriasis (and the drugs associated with it) and become a new man.  Watch the trailer here.


Kris Carr is nothing short of amazing.  After being diagnosed with a rare and incurable form of cancer, she documents her journey in discovering a way to not just survive, but also thrive, whilst still living with cancer.  It shows her experimenting with different ways of eating and living and proves that one size really doesn’t fit all.  Watch the trailer here.


‘8 people, 22 diseases, 28 days’.  Pretty close to shock therapy.  If you want a full frontal insight into the health of ‘modern man’, then watch this.  It’s not as doom and gloom as it sounds - quite the contrary.  An extreme and, totally necessary, experiment to see if nothing but juice, rest and exercise, for 28 days, can stop/cure/reverse the 22 diseases and remove the pharmacy load medication these people take on a daily basis.  Guess what?  The experiment is a success.  Watch the trailer here.


I just had to know the ‘before’ story.  It’s a documentary with a self-explanatory title.  If your excuse to not living a healthier lifestyle and eating real food is because you don’t have the time to be at home and prepare the food/cook/clean up, them watch this.  Joe juices whilst on the road; he does it out of the back of his car, from a hotel room, finds places that he can buy them… he even does it on Christmas Day.  Watch the trailer here.


This was a promotional ‘watch for free’ offer that I couldn’t say no to.  And I’m so glad I didn’t.  More and more children are becoming obese and it’s upsetting (to say the least) to witness; this kid does something about it.  It’s probably one of the more challenging tasks documented, because the ‘subject’, Liam, has a varying degree of willpower and dedication to the task.  He needs constant encouragement and motivation and sometimes, tough love.  Watch the trailer here.

One thing they all have in common is common sense.  Eating real food and living a healthy lifestyle results in results.  How drastic the action depends on how drastic the state of your health.  Your body is a pretty amazing creation and given the right fuel, will perform wonders. 

Maybe watching a documentary will help you?  Why not give it a try anyway…