How to Enjoy Water (and drink enough of it)

I know someone who actually hates water.  Hates it.  Spits it out if drunk by mistake.  And I’m sure he’s not alone.  Problem is, first thing he reaches for is squash.  As in loaded with sugar and chemicals squash.  Why that’s not the best option is a list as long as my arm.  Me? I belong to the other team, the one that loves water.  I’m quite lucky as I was never allowed to drink squash etc. as a kid, meaning I never developed a taste for it. But even I can get a little bored with plain ol’ water sometimes, especially when trying to drink 2-3L a day!

Rather than reach for the squash, or Coke, or ‘Vitamin Water’, or whatever, I add flavours to my water the natural way, using fruit, vegetables, herbs and anything else I can get my hands on.  When you look at the array of produce there is to choose from, the flavour possibilities are endless.  Let’s start with the trusty lemon and lime.  It’s the easiest flavoured water you could choose…


Thinly slice a whole lemon and lime and add to a jug of room temperature water (I find this draws flavour from the lemon and lime more than if the water is iced.)  For an extra punch, add the juice of an extra ½ a lemon and lime.

Keep the jug on your desk, or fill a bottle if you’re going out and sip on it throughout the day.  You’ll reach your quota in no time.

I’ll be posting some recipes for other flavoured waters soon, that way you can try a new one each week and NEVER get bored!