How to Make Amazing Ice Cubes

I'm pleased to say that we're currently experiencing weather which vouches for use of ice cubes (sorry to keep going on about it but I REALLY love Summer)...

These are a bit of fun and not to be taken too seriously.  They look great and add a little extra detail if you make them for a BBQ/party, which is bound to make you look like the best host(ess)in town, which of course, you are.


Fill each ice cube hole with your chosen fruit/herb/edible flower.  Pour water into each hole, cover the tray in cling film and freeze overnight.  For clear ice cubes, double boil filtered water, leaving to cool in between. Pour into the ice cube tray.

Flowers pictured: Rose, Pansy, Violet (or Johnny Jump Up) - any edible flower would be great.

Herbs: Mint - again, any herb, especially thyme flowers, would look lovely.

Fruit: Lemon, Lime, Raspberry, Blackberry, Redcurrant, Blackcurrant - go wild, experiment!

Veg: Cucumber - I can't think of another way to say try out other vegetables, too!