Natural Cough, Cold and Congestion Elixir

The temperature has dropped, the heating has been cranked up, there are people sniffling, sneezing and coughing on public transport, everywhere... and your child has just brought home a delightful lurgy from school or nursery.  Tis the season to be ill.  It's time to protect yourself - this is how I do it...

When I get a cold, which isn’t that often (sometimes not even once a year) I tend not to reach for over the counter medicine.  Instead I drink this elixir by the barrel load, which has me fighting fit in no time.  Remove the honey and drink a glass every morning to prevent a cold from even coming in the first place.


Immune boosting

Alkalizing, providing an environment less than ideal for germs to breed
Source of vitamin C – immune booster

Apple Cider Vinegar
Alkalizing - If taken when you notice the first signs of a cold, it can help to stop the cold from developing due to its alkalizing properties.
It can help your body to fight off germs

Honey (raw)
Anti viral

HYDRATION!!  I usually end up drinking 6-8 glasses of these a day because they're warm, comforting and get rid of that sore/tickling feeling in my throat.  Therefore, I end the day super hydrated, helping to flush the toxins and germs from my system.

Imagine putting all of that information on a bottle – it would be a sell out!


- Boil the kettle

- In an 8oz glass/mug/large glass from IKEA, add the juice of half a lemon, 1tsp ACV, 1/2tsp honey and a few slices of ginger.  Top up with warm water, or half hot and half cold, stir and sip.  Repeat until you feel better.

NB: You will notice that 6-8 glasses of these in a day will add up to 3-4tsp of honey = 3-4tsp of added 'sugar'.  Therefore, scale back/don't eat any extra added sugar in the days you're drinking these.