How To Make Proper Porridge in Under a Minute and a Half

Because sometimes, when weighing up an extra 5 minutes in bed and making porridge, bed wins.

Overnight oats are for such mornings.  They can be turned into PROPER porridge (none of this microwave in a bag stuff) in under 1.30 minutes… I timed it.  I think that might be quicker than a microwave can manage, anyway.

They can also be used for a bunch of other things;

- Blended in your smoothie to thicken
- Raw porridge
- Bircher muesli
- Oat milk

Make enough to last 2 days.  After draining and rinsing, store in the fridgein an airtight container.

Makes enough for 2 days/people

1 mug rolled oats
2 mugs water


Place the oats in a bowl along with the water and cover
Leave to soak overnight
In the morning, drain and rinse
Use as desired

To make porridge

- Heat the drained and rinsed oats in a saucepan over a medium heat, with a little milk of choice and a pinch of salt, until warmed through
- Add any toppings/spices/fruit