What Is Lucuma & Why I Can't Get Enough of It

You may have seen something called Lucuma cropping up in a few of my recipes recently (every time I say it I end up singing Hakuna Matata… anyone else?!)  If you’re wondering what it is, then wonder no longer.

 Image via thehouseoflife.com.au

Image via thehouseoflife.com.au

It’s a superfood and one of my favourites at that.  Anyone with eczema will be all too familiar with the many cuts, grazes and wounds that pattern the body; it’s the nature of the scratching beast.  And sometimes healing isn’t all that quick as you’re constantly scratching, so there’s a lot of repair work for the human body to take on and the backlog must be huge.  Quickly fed up with this vicious circle, I searched high and low for ways of speeding up the healing process naturally, and one of the foods that kept cropping up was Lucuma.

Lucuma is a type of fruit that originates from Peru.  Being a superfood, Lucuma is a great source of a lot of good things… Vitamin B3, beta-carotene, iron, zinc, and magnesium, as well as being a source of fibre, carbohydrate and protein.  It’s also said to be anti-inflammatory and an immune booster.  Big tick from me…

It has been found to speed up wound healing and encourage skin regeneration.  From my experience, it works. 100%.

I buy it in powder form and have a spoonful most days.  With a slightly sweet caramel flavour - I add it to my morning smoothie.  I also use it in baking, both raw and cooked, as I find I can then cut down on other sweeteners.  It's available online and in health food shops.

Have you ever tried Lucuma?  If so, how do you use it?