Hello October!

Today sees the first day of October and autumn proper.  I’m ready to welcome the changing colour of leaves and late afternoon light.  Now that all hopes of summer making a quick reappearance are well and truly gone, I can stop feeling cheesed off about the wet and windy August we had in the UK.

 Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Sometimes I feel as if the months pass me by so quickly I don’t even notice.  I’ve been told it’s helpful and grounding to find something each day that you’re grateful for, or to pin a goal to your wall so that you see it every morning when you wake.  So far, I haven’t managed to do either. I’m hence taking this opportunity to reflect on the month passed.

September is always a bit of a here, there and everywhere month for me.  I work at an event each year, which sees me working a period of long days and weekends with no break in between.  This year, I took a little time off the week after it finished.  Most of the week was spent watching Netflix, but some of it I used to reflect on the year and plan for the coming months, hence #StartOverSeptember

I have finally managed to book myself on to a retreat, which is something I’ve always, always wanted to do.  It’s really quite indulgent but just the booking of it has given me a sense of ownership over my own life.  A feeling I find to be quite rare.  I’ll be staying in a hut, open to the birds, monkeys and snakes, and I will have no access to electricity for two weeks!!  HA! Am I mad?!

Booking the retreat set the tone - time to action things that have been sitting on my list for a while.  Next up was enrolling at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  I’ve reached a point in life/my career where I feel like Alice in Wonderland – I’ve walked through the woods, fallen down the hole, only to find a set of doors and a whole world of new possibilities.  It’s bloody exciting and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

Time spent on Netflix wasn’t all Sons of Anarchy… When I need a kick up the bum and my eyes opened, I find a food/health documentary does exactly that.  This time I chose Finding Joe and Food Matters – both of which had many OH MY GOD moments.  I highly recommend watching either if you need an injection of confidence/motivation/inspiration.

In other news, it’s been a year since I launched this website. Happy Birthday!  To mark the occasion, Fodder + Plonk has a brand new look.  Hip, hip, hooray!

Lastly, and I’m probably really slow on the uptake here, but I signed up to Headspace at the beginning of the month and have been dong my 10/15 minutes of mindfulness each day.  I’m finding it really beneficial to take time at the beginning of the day to clear my head - it helps me put order to the day and tackle it with a calm approach, rather than bouncing from one task to the next and back again.

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