Budapest Does Healthy Eating

There are three things I loved about the Budapest food scene.  1. There were nearly always pickles and fermented veggies somewhere on the menu.  2. They seemed to serve the cheaper, slow cooked and therefore beautifully flavuorsome cuts of meat.  3. Almost everywhere understood gluten free, dairy (known there as lactose) free and will did all they could to accommodate dietary requirements.

Below are a few of my favourites…

Liberté (pictured above)
This beautiful restaurant serves modern Hungarian dishes.  If you like mid-century style, indoor plants and monochrome, you’ll love it in here.

A hole in the wall.  Serves juices (no surprise there), chia puds and energy balls.  Mostly vegan and GF.  A great pit-stop.  ‘Free from’ snacks can be hard to find when travelling but this place hit the spot.

Nasspolya Nassolda
A cute ‘raw vegan’ cake shop.   They also serve dairy free milks and can steam to make hot versions… which is much needed in the winter.

My Little Melbourne
Great selection of herbal teas and cakes for both GF and non-GF. 

Borsso Bistro
I visited this restaurant last time I was in Budapest and made an effort to go back as it was so good.   They serve French-Hungarian fare

Great ‘home-cooked’ food.  Simple and delicious.  We just missed out on their breakfasts but they looked spot on.

Slow cooked, cheaper cuts of meat, served with pickles.  Right up my street.  A lovely place to go in the evening to relax, sit at the bar and soak in the atmosphere.  Interior typical of Budapest.

Didn’t get to visit…
Szimply Food - healthy breakfast and brunch
Zona - sister of Liberté
Brklyn - yummy hearty food

Other things to note:
- There’s a place called Dieta Life Market which has a good selection of Free From groceries, great if you want to self cater.

- Budapest is a walkable city – bring some comfy shoes!

- Get yourself to the Thermal Baths whilst you're there (we visited Rudas and Szechenyi) and try drinking the water there (from the tap, not the baths!) – it’s supposed to have plenty of health-giving properties due to its high mineral content.

I'd love to know if you have any recommendations for Budapest, please share in the comments below - I'll defo be going back.

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