Very Berry Gummies

If you've been looking for a low sugar, high protein gut healing snack, then you can stop.  This is it.  These Very Berry Gummies are full of good fat, anti-oxidants from the berries, gut soothing grass fed gelatin - which also happens to be high in protein - and contain a very small amount of natural sugar.  They're perfect post-workout, as an after school snack for the kids, or just when you fancy them.  They're also ridiculously simple to make.  What's not to love?

Makes 1 medium tray/20-25 squares

600ml coconut milk
1tbsp Great Lakes grass fed gelatin powder
300g berries of choice
1tbsp Arctic Power Berries berry powder (optional. I used blackcurrant)
1tbsp brown rice syrup (optional)


- Purée the berries and pass through a fine mesh sieve to remove any seeds/skin.  Set aside.

- Gently warm the coconut milk in a saucepan until you can just about stand the heat on your skin.

- Dissolve the gelatin in some water – start with 3tbsp water and stir.  You are looking for an applesauce consistency – add more water if necessary until the desired consistence is reached.

- Remove the coconut milk from the hob and whisk in the dissolved gelatin until there are no lumps.

- Allow to cool to room temp before adding the puréed berries, berry powder and brown rice syrup (if using).  Stir/whisk to combine.  The mixture might appear split at first but this will disappear the more you stir.

- Pour into a lined roasting tray, into ice cube molds or a large Tupperware.   Cover and refrigerate until set – this should only take a few hours.

- Cut into squares and snack.  They will keep in the fridge for up to a week.