Gooseberry Chia Breakfast Pudding

It's old news but this weather has me completely thrown off.  I usually enjoy smoothies in the summer and porridge in the winter, though neither seem appropriate for this "British summer".  I warmed some chia pudding through the other day and bingo! This is me set until porridge season kicks in.

I make my chia pudding 1 part seeds to 4 parts liquid, but feel free to fiddle with the ratio to get your desired consistency.  I also do mine by eye but have provided more accurate measurements below.


Serves 2

60ml chia seeds (use a jug to measure.  Measured in ml for ratio's sake)
40ml - half coconut milk half rice milk, or your choice of plant based milk
Gooseberry fridge jam


- Make the chia pudding the night before - it's a good idea to make a couple of days worth at once.  Make it by pouring both the seeds and milk(s) into a jar/jug/container.  Use a fork to whisk, avoiding any large clumps from forming.  Do this until you can see the chia seeds starting to swell.  Pop the lid on/cover and refrigerate overnight.

- In the morning, gently warm your serving of chia pudding hrough in a saucepan over a low heat.  Layer with gooseberry jam and enjoy!  It's also delicious cold if you prefer it that way.