Avo Cacao Smoothie

Smoothie or pudding, this one will need a spoon.  It's deliciously rich and thick, the Baobab adding a sharp citrus tang.

Baobab is an African superfruit that's high in Vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants.  I'm fully cheering on the current #MakeBaobabFamous campaign created by Aduna World which goes towards supporting the sustainable income of 10million rural African households.

Makes 2 glasses

1 avocado
2tbsp cacao
2 dates
3tsp baobab (optional)
1/2tsp vanilla powder
400ml plant based milk

Extras: chia and hemp seeds


- Using a blender (stick or standalone), blend all ingredients until smooth.

- Pour into two glasses and top with chia and hemp seeds for an Omega and protein hit.

This is an energy rich smoothie so would be great to have before a workout.