Mexican Hot Chocolate

Years ago I visited the west coast of America and somewhere along the way I got this incredible Mexican hot chocolate, which blew my taste buds.  Then years later, Green & Blacks released their Maya Gold chocolate bar - same thing happened.  This hot chocolate is everything America and G&B gave me, then some.  It's thick, creamy, indulgent, sweet, orangey... and pretty good for you, but keep that on the DL.

Tips: a cup is enough, even for a greedy guts like me.  Don't heat the milks too high, that way the cacao and lucuma will retain their wicked properties.  You'll notice that no sweetener is added - the combination of the milks give it just enough sweetness.

Makes 1 cup

Use the cup you are drinking from to measure the liquid.  If you’re using a mug double all ingredients but increase the spices to taste (just under double should do it).

1/4 cup rice milk (sweetener, thickener, cr*p free – I use Rude Health)
3/4 cup good quality coconut milk (sweetener, thickener, cr*p free - I use this one which is deliciously thick and just coconut and water)
3 Slices orange peel (use a potato peeler and try not to get any white pith)
Generous pinch ground ginger
Generous pinch ground cinnamon
Knifes tip vanilla seeds
1.5tsp cacao
Optional: 1/2tsp lucuma


- Warm the milks, orange and spices over a low heat – do not allow to boil.  Use a whisk to remove any lumps formed by the spices. 

- Remove from the heat and whisk in the cacao and lucuma, if using.  If you’re worried about lumps, crate a paste with the cacao (and lucuma) and some cold rice milk before adding to the warm milks.

- Serve in a cup with a splash of coconut milk, some cinnamon and orange zest.