Vanilla Almond Butter

I'm not sure I quite agree with the theory that homemade almond butter is cheaper than buying it... it tastes so good, you go though in seconds.  Try this one, it couldn't be easier.


500g almonds
1/2tsp vanilla powder/seeds from 1 pod
Himalayan/sea salt – to taste

YOU WILL NEED: A food processor


- Oven temp 180C

- Roast the almonds in a tin for 10-15minutes, shaking about a few times throughout. They should smell and taste toasted when done.

- Place the almonds into a food processor along with the vanilla.  Blitz until smooth and slightly runny – this can take from 5minutes upwards, spending on the power of your processor. 

- Add a pinch of salt, blend and taste.  Continue until desired flavour is reached.

- Transfer into an airtight jar and store in a cool dark place.