Super Hot Chocolate

Cold weather calls for one thing: hot chocolate.  Before you go rushing to Starbucks, try making this super(food) version at home.  It's free from any sugar (depending on whether your milk is sweetener free) but is still sweet enough to dampen any cravings due to the lucuma and cashew butter.  I'd actually go as far to say this is a hot chocolate that is good for not only your soul, but your health too.  I love lucuma - it's a super superfood in my book and I have a serving most days.  It's a great anti-inflammatory and is said to aid in healing the skin as well as keeping it supple.  Read about why I love cacao here.

Serves 1 - simply multiply the ingredients for more servings

1 mug plant based milk, such as almond
1 level tbsp. raw cacao
1 level tbsp. *lucuma
1 level tbsp. cashew butter


- Add 1/4 of the milk to a saucepan, along with the cacao and lucuma.  Whisk until a smooth paste has formed, then add the cashew butter and whisk to combine.
- Gradually add the rest of the milk whilst whisking, to avoid lumps forming.
- Turn the hob on and continue to whisk over a medium heat until warm/hot.
- Serve in a mug with a dusting of cacao.

*Available at most health food stores and online.

NB: The whisking gives a smooth and frothy hot chocolate, so is well worth the extra effort!