Banana Cacao Smoothie

I am in love with this smoothie.  Of course because it's chocolate but also because it's like a treasure chest of skin glowing ingredients and I swear I feel better with every sip.  The turmeric brings the all important anti-inflammatory element, Brazil nuts provide the selenium, sunflower seeds bring zinc, almonds - Vitamin E, chia seeds and linseeds - Omega-3 and the cacao - magnesium.  Admittedly I have been having it for breakfast - it puts me in such a good mood... A bit like when you have chocolate for breakfast at Easter or Christmas but without the huge sugar slump afterwards! Winner winner...

Makes 1 serve

1 banana
1tbsp raw cacao
1tsp ground turmeric
1tsp ground Lucama (optional)
Seeds from ½ vanilla pod (optional)
1tsp chia seeds
1tsp linseeds
1 heaped tsp sunflower seeds
1tbsp flaked almonds or 6 whole almonds
6 Brazil nuts
1tbsp GF oats
Pinch pink Himalayan salt
250ml rice/almond milk
1tsp cacao nibs

You can chop and change these ingredients to make your own variation - choose from this list (or what you have in your cupboard) if you want to make sure it's still skin healthy...


Blend all ingredients apart from the cacao nibs on high power, either with a stick blender in a jug or in a stand-alone blender.  Pour into a glass and sprinkle with cacao nibs.