Salted Cashew Butter Mini Easter Eggs

Who doesn't look forward to Easter... fluffy little chicks, lambs bounding about, daffodils, a 4-day weekend and of course, an abundance of chocolate eggs.

For the second year in a row I have chosen to make my own Easter eggs instead of buying them, but theres a BIG difference in the ones I made last year and these little beauties... it begins with the letter 'S'.  Since quitting sugar (for the umpteenth time), I have been on a good-for-you treat making spree, or as I now refer to them, 'treats - Alana style', to anyone expecting Cadbury's.  I know making loads of sugar free treats isn't the idea behind quitting sugar and general treat consumption should be lowered, so I do limit them, but I attribute my success this time around to being creative with new ingredients and spending lots of time in the kitchen making and baking (my Instagram feed will tell you that) ... and cacao almond milk hot chocolates (sugar and sweetner free, of course).  I'm now 2.5 months sugar free and still going strong.

It really doesn't take long to make these mini eggs.  I used a 20-hole silicon mould - you can pick up something similar from a kitchen craft shop, Amazon or eBay. 

Makes approx. 6

You will need: a silicone/plastic mini egg mould

For the chocolate:
100g cacao butter
5tbsp cacao powder
1tbsp maca powder
1tsp pink Himalayan/sea salt (or to taste)
1.5tbsp rice malt syrup (or to taste)

For the filling:
2tbsp smooth cashew butter

Melt the cacao butter over a bain marie.  Sift in the cacao and maca powder, whisk to combine.  Add the rice malt syrup and salt, whisk again to combine. Using a spoon or jug, pour the liquid chocolate into the moulds, stopping at 1/3 of the way up.  Freeze for 5 minutes or until set.  Spoon a little cashew butter into the centre of the set chocolate and top with liquid chocolate, this time filling the mould all the way to the top.  Freeze again for a further 5-10 minutes or until set.  Turn out and place in the fridge.  Repeat the process until you have used all of the liquid chocolate.  Store the eggs in the fridge until required.

To create a gift, fill small bags with 5 or so eggs and tie with ribbon - simple!