Photo by This Little Corner

Photo by This Little Corner


Hi!  I'm Alana, the owner and creator of Fodder + Plonk. 

I want to help people take control of their health by teaching them how to take care of their gut.  Here's why...

Feeling below par every day – emotionally and physically - is not OK.  Ill health is your body's way of telling you that something is out of balance and can be the wake up call you need. My childhood eczema returned in 2011 and following a chronic adverse reaction to the medication prescribed, through research and experiments, I learned that I needed to make some major changes in order to regain my health and it started with learning how to treat my gut with the respect it deserves.

I host workshops and supper clubs which celebrate the delicious, healthy, gut loving food I create.  Have a look at my Events and Services pages for more info.


Listen to your body.  We are bio-individuals.  What works for one may not work for another.  Within the parameters below, it’s about finding out what suits YOU.  The only way to do that is to tune in, learn your language and listen to your body.

Eat Real Food.  In the maelstrom of diets, cleanses and detoxes, one thing speaks louder than anything else… Eat Real Food – that’s natural and whole foods that grow in or from the ground, or swim happily in seas and roam freely in fields.  I believe in eating to truly nourish and support your body, using the best ingredients for the job. This philosophy is at the heart of every recipe I create.  

Hydrate.  You’d be amazed at how many health complaints are due to dehydration.  Figure out a way to make sure you drink enough water for your body, whether it’s by keeping a jug of it on your desk, setting a reminder on your phone or choosing from the wide range of ‘hydration promoting’ bottles available today.

Sleep.  Get good quality sleep and enough of it – harder than it sounds, I know!  I’ve been there.  This is where discipline comes into play.  Get off that phone, turn off the TV and create a bedtime routine that will have you counting sheep in no time.

Breathe.  We all know breathing is essential to living.  It sounds simple, but so many of us forget to breathe properly.  I am the worst culprit and it’s something I have to consciously remind myself to do every day.  Proper breathing calms, it oxygenates your blood, increases energy - the list is endless! 

Move daily.  Shake your stuff, jump on a trampoline, lift weights, swim, go for a walk or practice Yoga.  The important part is that you move in whatever way makes you happy.

Stress less. Minimise stressors.  By this I mean reduce or get rid of the things that you know cause you stress.  Secondly, try to reduce the effects of unavoidable stress. There are many fantastic ways to do this - find the one that works for you.

Detox.  I’m not talking about the kind of detox where you survive on nothing but cabbage soup and miracle pills for days.  I’m talking about removing the kind of toxins about which most of us are unaware.  There are many unavoidable toxins that we are exposed to every day – environmental, physical and emotional.  It is up to us to reduce what we can.  Read labels.  Take a look at the products you use, what’s in and around your home, in or on the food you eat, the information you take in and the people that surround you.

I want to get rid of the notion that being healthy means loads of time, deprivation and restriction.  Through F+P, I want to inspire and encourage you to Eat Real Food.  I’ll provide tips and tricks to getting enough good quality sleep or drinking that extra glass of water.  I’ll experiment with non-toxic products and different ways of moving your body and let you know if I think they’re worth the hype. I’ll share ways to tune in, listen to your body and focus on that all-important breathing.

I want YOU to experience the wonderful effect this can have on your body and most of all; I want you to enjoy it.


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